LIMITED EDITION: Only 2500 printed! Will NOT be reprinted.

Kubik Playing Cards is the first puzzle cube themed deck of cards. This deck is unlike any other deck of cards.

Welcome to Kubik Playing Cards!

I, myself, love puzzling and solving riddles. When you shuffle a deck of cards, it almost looks like you are solving a puzzle.

And with this deck, I wanted to create the illusion that you are playing with a puzzle cube.

This deck has something quite unusual, making it a whole lot different from other decks. Typically, cards have two-way back designs. This deck, in contrast, is unique - it conveys the feeling that you are holding a puzzle cube. It does NOT have a two-way back design. This is a deck designed for cardistry and creativity.

Quality Printing

The United States Playing Card Company (USPCC) printed Kubik Playing Cards from their renowned printing company in the USA. USPCC has also produced decks like Bicycle, Tally-Ho, Bee, Aviator, Fontaine Cards, and numerous others. Therefore, we can ensure that you will receive the highest quality product possible.

I passionately believe that quality is just as important as the design of a deck. Kubik Playing Cards are printed on the finest quality card stock they have to offer. The Bee Casino Crushed Stock and Air Cushion Finish provides the smoothest experience when using these cards.


I have always liked decks that are different from "normal" -- that's why I made each card different! So when you riffle thru the deck, you see all of the cubes going other places, just like a puzzle cube!

The Cards

The four Aces are based on the four suits in a deck. I wanted to make them simple and unique but I also wanted to fit them within the theme of the deck. Here is how I made them:

I decided to maintain a classic style for the deck -- I personally love the classic US faces. Also, in contrast with the unique design of the back, I wanted this deck to feel like a complete product. So, I made the faces classic yet with a unique "take."

The Box

The box is elegantly black with the classic colored Rubik pattern on it. For the top, there is a color palate of the colors that I used. And last but not least, in the tuck flap there's an inspirational quote!
  • Custom designed backs and faces.
  • Many different back designs (for animation).
  • Printed in the USA by The United States Playing Card Company.
  • Bee Casino Crushed Stock.
  • Air Cushion Finish.
  • Limited edition only 2500 printed.
  • The cards are poker size.
  • Designed by Menno Brouwers.

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